Make beauty YOUR bitch

Apparently being beautiful is not an accomplishment but it definitely feels like one after two hours of makeup and another ten minutes of worming your size 8 butt into your size 4 jeans. I think it’s therefore safe to conclude that being beautiful is a skill…at least in today’s world. I don’t particularly aspire to being beautiful so I rely on being smart (–mouthed) and therefore somehow better than those “pretty stupid” girls. At some point I had to drag myself off my high horse, kicking and screaming to come to grips with the idea that beauty and brains are not in competition, having one or the other or both makes you no better than anyone.

I’m not here to tell you that beauty isn’t ever about the external. (Injects rainbows and unicorns) Whenever someone says that I roll my eyes perhaps even suck my teeth because who is that helping? Lies!! I’m here to tell you we make it too big a deal!! We’re visual people and of course people will judge you based on appearances and that isn’t always fair but life goes on. It will take time to debunk all the stereotypes people have and this generation is working hard on that but in the meantime let’s not live in a funk. Know that you personally, decide what beautiful is and don’t let others dictate what that means for you.

I love dressing up and flipping through magazines. However, my intentions aren’t to get likes, neither am I waiting to be told I’m beautiful even though it feels nice. I do it for the art! I do it for the culture! Let’s all try to be less consumed with others eyes and more in tune with loving ourselves without the cut and paste. That is when true beauty comes to play.

Cara Michaela

P.S Next blog post coming on my favorite trip EVER to Colombia last summer!!



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  1. Denese says:

    I really like your post I feel so inspired!

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