Travel Wish-List

I’ve been to my fair share of places but there are still so many I haven’t seen! Here’s my travel wish-list and reasons why I’ve been crossing my fingers and clicking my heels in hopes I get there sometime soon. Disclaimer: This list may or may not be based on very superficial reasons hence why I’m eager to go, to give you all the real dish on my must-see list.


I quite vividly see myself riding Camels and ATVs in the desert, not all at once though so that’s a good sign! I’m also a sucker for great architecture, good food and beautiful landscapes. I think it’ll be like nothing I’ve ever seen.


I’m for the culture- the music, salsa dancing and food ALWAYS! Also can we talk about the vintage cars and cuban cigars? It all seems aesthetically pleasing!  To top it off I’ve read a grand total of one Ernest Hemingway short story and now I think it would be a shame if I didn’t go see where he spent a great deal of time.


Two words-Machu Picchu! Need I say more? Don’t be afraid to use Mr. google if you haven’t heard of it. It’s actually a big tourist destination! I’ve googled this destination so many times as if the more I think about it the sooner I’ll get there.


I just have to walk where Jesus walked and then follow up by writing my debut rap song about it! In all seriousness I think it would be life-changing which is a lot of pressure to put on a place but I have faith.

5)New Orleans, USA

I heard it was a good time- Mardi Gras, the round-the-clock night life and the jazz music. In my mind it’s a feel good place and I need no further reasoning pass I want to feel good.


Everyone loves Bali so I have to go see what is there to love! Also I have a newly found obsession with Julia Roberts movies and if Bali is good enough for Julia Roberts like in the movie Eat Pray love- it’s good enough for me! I want inner peace and true love too!


Does anyone remember Holiday in the Sun starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? I do and this is how I know I’ve been on this quest to make it to the Bahamas since 2001.`I’ve also met some really cool Bahamians at uni so that just cemented my 16 year burning desire!

What’s on your travel wish-list? Where do you think I should go next? Comment on this post and let me know!

(Cover Photo taken by Michael Nichols in Vienna, Austria)

Cara Michaela


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  1. Denese says:

    I wish to travel to Israel as well and West & South Africa I imagine these would be life changing. Just for fun would be other European cities and Scotland & Wales. But yeah Cuba is must for most virgin vintage territory.

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  2. Joyann Williams says:

    Oh Cara, you have named quite a few places I would love to travel to, for example ( Bali , Israel, New Orleans, and oh boy Bahamas) I believe in traveling,seeing other cultures and how it is maintained…. broadening my horizons!!! I do pray one day God will bless me with travel wish .

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  3. Elvis Joel says:

    I’m looking forward to Peru, not only because of the historic, cultural and out of this world sites, but the best food in the Americas keeps calling! 🙂

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  4. BRENDA BOURNE says:

    I can’t wait to travel to Dubai, Israel, South Africa and Iceland. Peru and Eastern Europe are also in my scope. I suggest you go to Italy(Rome and Naples) as well as Greece (Athens, Mykonos). If you are not already a member of Nomadness Travel Tribe this is a great travel group to join. Lots of inspiration, education, information and social relationships.

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