Striking Out

The irony of being completely blank when hoping to write an extract of sorts about failure is glaring. Unfortunately, we , including me have decided that giving up isn’t a good look and success is riddled with failures. All I want to know is, is anyone else tired of wiping mud off their face, using the same towel you threw in five minutes ago to wipe your shame away? After not so gracefully cascading into a pile of dung as you do seemingly every week, what does one do next?  At this point after lots of dramatic soul-searching which goes hand-in-hand with overeating and over-thinking I personally take another extended break because now, life owes it to me. Invariably life isn’t giving you anything particularly substantial because life expects you to boldly ask for and take what you want, within limits of course so that Karma can’t take a nasty swing.

To be honest, I think that there is something special about me and I say this unapologetically.  I believe that I’m here, breathing air for a purpose. Everyone is here for a purpose, even the nuisances that can’t seem to realize I’m always right and to vary from my opinion is to vary from the truth itself. No, I’m kidding! Anyway, discomfort makes for a stronger person and often times a more compassionate one. HBO isn’t buying a perfect story about a perfect person who never had to wipe the snot off their top lip! In accordance with my 21st century affinity for google I’ll urge you to look up your role models to note it’s pretty much all the same-failure before success.

If the prospect of HBO or Lifetime buying the rights to your biopic doesn’t get you going, spend time doing something fun! As Monday will roll around again, you will get back up and Friday will be waiting with arms wide open should you fall AGAIN. I know next to nothing about baseball but Babe Ruth said it best, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Cara Michaela

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  1. Denese says:

    Dear Cara every word is thought provoking life is made up of moments and each one should br cherished. Regret is such an ugly word so we cannot strike out if we never try out. Thank you!


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