I’ve picked up the dumbbells!

My optimistic self is telling me summer is just on the horizon, my realistic self is telling me to go read a book and my pessimistic self is telling me I’m not ready for summer! I’ve been thinking deeply and longingly about my summer body while eating pumpernickel bread in an absurdly passionate manner. I feel the need to exercise but I don’t subscribe to letting guilt run me ragged. Nonetheless, if you could be a fly on my walls you’ll see me literally sprint from the couch to the fridge and back on many occasions. I have friends who took the sit-ups after pigging out approach and I admired the dedication but I’m not there. The irrational side of me wants to start an argument about mass production, fast food joints being the seductive Eve and supermarkets being the bar to my hypothetical alcohol problem. However, I’ll settle for mentioning and desist from elaborating! There is no denying that exercise makes for a happy and healthy person! I can testify to this! Here’s my unprofessional opinion on different types of exercise! Hopefully you can find that needle in a haystack exercise that floats your boat!


  • Pilates

Pilates was mother-daughter time every week and I likened it to torture but it was effective! Lots of abdominal work!


  • Yoga

I spend most of my time suppressing my laughter because I’m invariably slipping and sliding but I intend on getting very serious about practicing yoga sometime soon.


  •     Zumba

Excellent choice if you’re looking for a good time and fun music!


  •       Dance

Do any style, I think dance should be for everybody and all should get a chance to enjoy the artistry of it!


  •  Pole-dancing

If you argue it smart enough you can convince the conservatives that it’s purely an excellent form of exercise while hopefully gaining some finesse on the pole. I’m sure it’s an excellent party-trick also!


  • Gyrokinesis

Try it, I love it! It works the entire body and there’s lots of spinal movement. It’s great for the young and the old!


  •  Wukkup

Come to Barbados and learn to wukkup as it’s quite the workout!


Don’t neglect to tell me about your favorite ways to workout! As appealing as being a couch potato is, that sexy body does not come without work. Don’t sit and let Netflix disrespect you! No, I’m not still watching! I’ve put down the potato chips and picked up the dumbbells!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Denese says:

    Well exercise is definitely a must for me too and I am feeling optimistic that I will pick up the dumb bells too!


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