Don’t tell me what to do!

All of a sudden people are not telling me what to do. To my absolute dismay, the domineering atmosphere that is the school system has let me loose to join the rat race for misplaced fame and fortune. The well of advice is running low and I’m only now realizing I’m a thirsty, thirsty girl. I thought my quarter life crisis was over when I became a college dropout but I’m still vibrating at a “what the heck” is even going on frequency so naturally I dropped back in to another college so more people could tell me what to do. However, the irony of choosing to study sciences to illuminate and broaden my understanding of the nitty gritty details of life itself leaves me in a day-to-day cough-up-a-lung heavy dark-grey mist of confusion.

This one goes out all the 20-something year olds having long pointless conversations with their friends about the possibility of finding a suga daddy so you could lie on the couch and drink margaritas before noon. To those who are still on the fence about if being sleeping beauty and being a feminist are mutually exclusive, as if being a princess was ever in the cards! The expiration date on blaming your parents for the shitfest most un-coachella like life you lead has gone! It’s time to stop drinking that curdled breast milk!

This transition is hard “like 3rd grade math hard” and growing up can truly be a pain. I have no advice as of now but a gentle reminder that you’re not the only one living in a constant state of confusion helps. I’ll also take this moment to remind you that you’re very special but dumb as a doorknob if you think with seven billion people in the world you’re the only one going through or doing anything! Go onward and try everything until something sticks! I wish you good luck! In closing, if you’re ballsy enough to think you’re the picture of success and if you want to tell me what to do, please do! Mentor applications welcomed!

Cara Michaela

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  1. Denese says:

    Well I can tell you is that you will have plenty of people wanting to tell you what to do purely because they want to control and you not taking the advise because you want to keep control.


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