The Blue Carpet Treatment!

A taste of the juiciest apple!

There are about three places synonymous with dreams coming true- The North Pole, Never never land and New York City! Luckily Value Vacations along with Jet Blue can make the last trip happen! It’s important to remember the journey to your destination is just as important as what you’ll do there. Don’t deny yourself the Blue Carpet treatment that Jet Blue offers.

It’s okay to buy into consumerism on your trip to NYC but this city has so much more to offer! Here’s a list of things I love do while in New York:

  • Watch a Broadway show- I suggest Cats, Motown or The Lion King but there are so many great ones!
  • Try a new restaurant every day! Suggestions: Gato, Cafeteria, Jacobs Pickles, The Smith, Wo Hop, Motorino, Antique Garage, Sylvia’s Restaurant of Harlem.
  • Visit Strand bookstore- located at the corner of 12th Street and Broadway.
  • Visit Top of the Rock Observation Deck for great pictures of the skyline and shorter lines than the Empire State building.
  • Visit The Museum of Modern art
  • Go thrifting
  • Visit Central Park- New York is loud but Central Park somehow manages to be quiet.
  • Get away from the Times Square area and spend more time in cool neighborhoods like East Village, Soho and Harlem.











In New York you can be anyone you want to be and JetBlue can get you there and to many other destinations.The blue carpet treatment starts with loving value. Value Vacations your one stop travel shop brings value to your JetBlue New York experience. I’ve been traveling to New York for as long as I can remember, there is an unduplicated energy that permeates throughout the City that keeps it awake and keeps dreams alive!

Call DMA Value Vacations to book your flight! (246-4357959) or email at

             Until next time,

Cara Michaela


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  1. Denese says:

    Hi Cara thanks for all your great tips well written as usual and niw a chance to win a trip well this is really adding Value


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