Vegas, Baby!

How was Las Vegas? Hot.

I know it’s a desert and deserts are hot but every time I’m asked that question the feeling of the sweltering heat rushes my memory and all I can muster as an answer is hot. However , once I manage to cool down and thoughts begin to stream again I can give a more coherent response on how it all went. There are no straight flights from Barbados to Las Vegas so you’d have to connect. I chose through New York so I could see my family. The flying time was about ten hours. I love longer flights because I love inflight entertainment. It’s also good excuse to buy a book in the terminal that I want to read but I won’t read. Here I go with the tips,

  1. Don’t go during the summer months, I have a strange feeling you’ll enjoy it more.
  2. Do book the shows you want to attend in advance. Go watch the ironically named shows, ‘Piece of me” by Britney Spears and “All I have” by JLo. Go figure! Cirque de Soleil is also right up there on the must-see show list. I saw Blue Man Group a few years ago in New York and they’re in Vegas now, it was interesting to say the absolute least so you may want to check that out.
  3. Do book a nice hotel, there is no shortage of them in Las Vegas. Spend the day time lounging by the pool as Vegas really comes alive at night.
  4. Do checkout all the free or the cheaper things to do in Vegas. I sure did! For example: Gondola rides (outside or inside), Bellagio conservatory and fountain show, welcome to vegas sign, shark reef at Mandalay Bay, fremount street experience (Downtown) and the Big Apple Roller Coaster. The list quite literally goes on and on.
  5. Do a day trip to the Grand Canyon and/or Hover Dam.
  6. Walk the strip with a ginormous bottle of water!
  7. If you eat meat, do eat chicken wings from Baffalo Wild Wings. I was a wing away from permanently communicating by clucks alone.





Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens! The floral arrangement changes every season!!
Making looking like a bug desirable


Merry Go Round made of flowers at the Wynn hotel. Unfortunately it’s only for viewing and not for riding.
Gondola Ride at the Venetian
Aria Hotel


The Fountains of Bellagio. Happens every half hour at night!



Las Vegas isn’t exactly on the top of my list as far as vacations go but that doesn’t stop me from seeing the appeal of the city. I’ll let you in on a little secret: in efforts to go out during the night I had to lounge around during the day. I’m not sure what stamina is in 106 degree weather with no sea breeze to be frank. If you’re into the night life, gambling, extravagant shows or impromptu weddings, Las Vegas is most definitely the spot for you!

P.S The Blue Carpet treatment competition is still on! Don’t forget to read that blog post for the clue! You can win a free ticket to New York! Listen to Mix96.9 for details and visit DMA Value Vacation’s facebook page!

              Cara Michaela


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  1. Joyann Williams says:

    Nice,great read!!


  2. Tilia Wilkinson says:

    Brilliant synopsis…makes me feel ready to go

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