A day in LA


Hoping off the plane at LAX wasn’t as glamorous or even as memorable as expected. It turns out, like men, most airports are created equal. It was really the city beyond, that sparkled! The First thing I noticed besides the traffic were the characteristic palm trees! I thought it was odd but remarkably considerate of the city to grow gluten free palm trees…boniest barks I’ve ever seen. I of course had an entire day planned which included eating “in n out” (a famous west coast fast food restaurant) burgers minus the bun, minus the meat followed up by a fat burning hike to the Hollywood sign.  None of this happened! However, I am most disappointed about not getting to visit Malibu. Mainly because I like how the word rolls off the tongue- MA.LI.BU.  Nonetheless California is definitely on my list of places to return to, for more than a day!

As my luck would have it my arrival aligned with the weekend of the BET awards. I haven’t clocked the BET awards since Beyonce performed Get me bodied in 2007 so I was completely oblivious to all that was happening…right across the street! I crossed the street and right in front of me glamorously and slowly walking into the Ritz Carlton, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko. Have you ever tried explaining to your mother who Big Sean is without using expletives after figuring his most mainstream tune was ‘I don’t f*#k with you’? It was truly a perplexing situation so of course I entirely skipped trying to bring Jhene Aiko into the identify this mix of microcosmically famous people soiree.


The next morning we took a tour to see all the important things like Rodeo Drive, the outsides of various celebrity homes (those front gates are immaculate) and the Beverly Hills sign. No Ellen DeGeneres this time but my faith stands strong for next time! I thoroughly enjoyed all 24 hours of my stay in the city of angels. I loved it because it felt good! I didn’t do anything particularly great but the weather was nice, driving around the hills was great and the breeze felt, as the open roof tour jeep accelerated was more than appreciated. I can only imagine how amazing it will be once I return to do my extraordinarily long list of quintessentially California things. It will be nothing short of like oh my God, totally amazing, to die for!

Issa Vibe,

Cara Michaela









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  1. Joyann Williams says:

    Great read Cara!! I hope to embark on that journey to LAX with you for a couple days….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Denese says:

    Great as usual always a joy to read and you do an amazing job with the photos……keep um coming


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