Viva Cuba Libre


Cuba is on the tip of everyone’s tongue so naturally and completely selflessly I had to go have a taste to see what all the talk was about, for you of course! Let’s get right into it, I’m prepared to spill the tea or Mojito or Piña Colada or any of the great big array of alcoholic beverages intrinsic to Cuban culture. I flew from Barbados to Miami and finally to Cuba. The visa price when travelling to Cuba is 50USD. However, if you’re travelling on a Barbadian passport this visa is not required. Also for all you without a US visa but a burning desire to visit Cuba, Caribbean airlines is planing to start a flight from Trinidad to Cuba in November! I spent just about five days in beautiful Havana, seeing the place, eating the food, having a salsa class and practicing my much left to be desired spanish.


When the driver opens his door and says get in, take a photo…






DSC_0678 2












The experience was like going back in time, it was inspiring to see a place so imperfectly beautiful preserved and to truly see necessity mothering invention. Cuba, the biggest Caribbean island is so rich in culture and art, it is therefore rightfully on the top of the must see list. My favourite part of the trip was definitely the salsa dance lesson! Dance knows no language barriers and so it was a perfect way to socialize with the people.

The high season in Cuba is November to April so it may be preferable to visit in low season like I did. Additionally, I wouldn’t say Cuba is a cheap vacation. The exchange rate for 1 peso is around 87US cents and 1.27 pounds. It’s best to eat where the locals eat for cheaper prices. Wifi is scarce but I think a power down would do us all good and we can call our visits, “A Hiatus in Havana.” It’s a step closer to living a happier, healthier life! I’ve never seen so many people simply sit outside in the afternoon chatting and being social. Living happily and healthy is definitely a process though because after day 4 of living at my highest vibration I was ready for the world wide web and a vanilla chi latte with almond milk. I’m a work in progress!

Call DMA Value Vacations Travel & Tours at 2464357959 to book your Havana Hiatus! Follow me on instagram @caramichaelaa to keep up with all my adventures!

             Cara Michaela

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  1. Joyann Williams says:

    Cuba 🇨🇺 sounds remarkable,you have me ready to go on vacation to Cuba!!
    Cara thanks for helping me see the world through your eyes.
    I’m definitely booking with value vacations I’m ready to travel!!

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  2. denese nichols says:

    Me too! Love your perspective on these trips and I agree no better place to add value…..loving Value

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicolas Vaughan says:

    Muy bien Cara!!! Ready and willing as always to see this island high on my bucket list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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