Christmas in Québec

Language fails to make available to me a word that can aptly convey my deep fondness towards Christmas. I am the embodiment of the Christmas spirit! Thanks to the dominance of North America in mainstream media I have, along with Bing Crosby been dreaming of a white Christmas. Québec City guarantees the falling of ice crystals from the sky during the holiday season and exquisite colonial French architecture. It snows from mid November to April. The temperatures remain so frigid that the snow does not melt they just find innovative ways to push it around. I know, sounds dreadful but it was magical. The city turns into a winter wonderland!

Rue du Petit Champlain

Quebec City has been voted one of the best places to spend Christmas and I think I found out why. Here’s what you mustn’t miss:

  1. Christmas dinner at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
  2. Visit Hotel de Glace (ice hotel)- I’d never personally advise anyone to stay in a hotel with no central heating but that’s your prerogative. Tell me how it goes!
  3. Brunch at La Buche- Try the “rabbit wings”
  4. Walk the Old City- if you dress appropriately your toes & ears wont fall off they’ll just feel like it.
  5. Do a city tour to learn about Quebec’s rich history
  6. Visit Rue du Petit Champlain
  7. Try winter sports like ice skating, sledding & skiing.
  8. Have dinner at Ciel- a revolving restaurant, the food was okay but the view was phenomenal.
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac











La Buche



Consider Québec City, Canada this Christmas! West Jet or Air Canada can be used to fly  between Barbados and Canada. Both airlines require you to download their app for inflight entertainment. The flight is just about five hours. Another option to Canada is via Miami with American Airlines! No app downloading required. You can fly or take the VIA rail to Québec City from Toronto. Don’t forget your taxi fare as you’ll want to do as little walking as possible in the winter. Also be prepared to answer what the hell you were thinking when you traded in the white sand for the white snow.

Call DMA Value Vacations to book your flight to Québec ! (2464357959)

Cara Michaela


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