I want to be loved by you, in Italy preferably, I do!

I want to be loved by you, in Italy preferably, I do! Italy is synonymous with romance. It has been the backdrop for many beloved romance novels and movies including the greatest love story of them all, Romeo and Juliet. The good news is Italy still stands in all its alluring beauty, and eternity can wait! So now you want to go to Italy for wine tasting and fine dinning with quite arguably the love of your life. Which city do you choose? Florence, of course! Florence is the biggest city in the region of Tuscany but it is still quite small. It is considered the birthplace of the renaissance! That statement in its simplest form means-history, culture, art and architecture dance their most intricate aesthetically pleasing steps in Florence.

Florence is only two stops away from Barbados! The first leg of the trip is Barbados to London, an eight hour plane ride then London to Florence, which takes just over two hours. Spending a few days in London is always a good idea. However, the journey can be done seamlessly. The best times to visit Florence for comfortable weather, lower hotel rates and less crowds are from April to June and September to October,

There is great pleasure to be had from a good meal. As expected with any Italian city there is no shortage of great restaurants serving pasta & pizza in Florence. Of course there are other foods but who doesn’t want to mistakenly eat the same string of spaghetti as their lover, only realizing until your eyes and lips lock in true lady and the tramp fashion? You can’t do that with rice! Also, don’t be afraid to eat something new. Simply try asking what is the most popular dish on the menu and ordering it without hesitation! We must not forget Gelato! Florence has some of the best ice cream in the world!

The streets are made for strolling. You can easily do a lot on foot while taking in the breathtaking views as most attractions are in walking distance. Must-see attractions include Florence Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio- the only bridge not destroyed by the Germans during World War II and the Gallery of the Academy of Florence home to Michelangelo’s famous sculpture David. Day trips by bus to Pisa and Lucca are easy and affordable from Florence also. Take advantage of the quaint cobble stone streets, the music that fills the air and the way the city sparkles at night.

Fall in love with Florence!

Cara Michaela

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