Switzerland in the Summer


I thought Switzerland was the place where only middle-aged Caucasian folk spent their winters at expensive ski-resorts drinking rich hot chocolate by the romantic wood-burning fireplace. What could this land-locked destination even have to offer me? Beauty. It’s beauty is stunning! The flight from London Heathrow with Swiss Air was short just about two hours and not expensive. I had the coveted window seat and as we descended upon Zurich the aerial view was awe-inspiring. It was love at first sight meaning it was solely based on looks and the idealistic reality my imagination concocted. Nonetheless my excitement was real!


Switzerland’s transportation system is phenomenal-efficient, safe, clean and reliable. It’s easy to get anywhere! It’ll cost you to get from city to city no matter when you buy your ticket. Here’s the cost of the trains we took between:

  • Zurich & Luzern-39 CHF
  • Luzern & Bern-32 CHF
  • Bern & Zurich-56 CHF

1 Swiss Franc= 1.01 USD

The great news is if you have a hotel accommodation in any of these cities transportation by bus within the city is free!


is expensive…

That means it’s a must that you plan in advance. Get on bookings.com, airbnb, trivago or whatever service you like now for next year’s trip. We stayed at:

  • Hotel Rebstock in Luzern- cute, excellent location, great breakfast
  • Ibis in Bern- affordable, a short free bus ride to the city, small but just enough for young travellers and the rooms look the same in every country (We love consistency!)


I couldn’t tell you what Swiss food taste like or what it consists of. The more affordable options all came in the form of foreign cultures. I had internal conversations with myself everyday thinking, “You know you can buy this same meal for x dollars cheaper in *inserts basically any other country*

Things to do

In Luzern

  1. Visit the Lion monument
  2. Mount Pilatus- tours can include a boat ride on lake Lucerne, cogwheel train up the mountain and cable car down the mountain. It’s worth it!
  3. Chapel Bridge
  4. Hofkirche- if you’re a Catholic church enthusiast who loves stained windows, elaborate organs and wooden pews.

In Bern

  1. Einstein Museum
  2. Visit the Old City
  3. Spend the evening in the Rose Garden- overlooking the old city

A winter in Switzerland is still on my bucket list and I’ll definitely be back in about 10-15 years, with ski insurance in one hand and eggnog in the other!


I like eggs A LOT!






Lake Luzern








Bern Old City


Bern Rose Garden.






The museum


Introducing “Cut to the chase with Cara”, my rating system for those adverse to reading. Every destination from now on will be rated based on my humble opinion which you thankfully wanted because here we both are, on the following attributes out of 5: Commuting, Communication, Cuisine, Culture and Climate (Weather would be better suited but it doesn’t start with a C)


  1. Commuting-5
  2. Communication-5
  3. Cuisine-2
  4. Culture-2
  5. Climate-4
  • Commuting- based on ease of access, reliability, safety.
  • Communication- How easy is it to traverse the country as an English speaker?
  • Cuisine-the cost and availability of native cuisine
  • Culture- Every country has its own unique amazing culture but how willing are the natives to let you in on it or how easily accessible was it.
  • Climate- how was the weather during your stay?

Cara Michaela

Call DMA Value Vacations to book your flight to Switzerland! (2464357959)




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  1. Denese Nichols says:

    Charming concise clear convincing and I am converted. You say call Value Vacations alright Switzerland ah coming.

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  2. Brenda says:

    Switzerland is the BOMB! I so want to go back there. To say that it’s beautiful is an understatement.

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