Hydra, Greece


Hydra is a quaint, little island. There isn’t a tourist in every nook. There are pebbled beaches with beautiful blue waters.  There is good food and welcoming people. There are no vehicles but there are donkeys. There is a habour populated by boats, hills occupied by homes and cobbled streets dotted with restaurants pleased to offer outdoor dinning. Hydra in the summer is lazy, it’s hot, there isn’t much to do and its complete bliss.

Its proximity to Athens makes Hydra an ideal getaway for those who don’t want the hassle and the major expenses of islands like Santorini or Mykonos. The thing i love most about small islands like Hydra is the feeling of intimacy, being able to safely stroll around at night, not being overwhelmed by choices and the feeling of contentment that vacationing in the islands brings.

Places to eat:

  • Psaropoula- terrace dining
  • Manna cook house
  • Gatto nero
  • Plako Stroto
  • Spilia


As I’ve mentioned Hydra is a small island so there is limited but affordable accommodation so don’t wait till the week before you visit to start looking!


Restaurants are open till late and the bars even later! There are about two places to dance into the night with your friends where the music played that is in English can date back to about 2003 but it’s a great time to reminisce! I didn’t know I wanted to be Crazy in love with Beyoncé in 2018 but turns out I did & I am.













Cut to the chase with Cara:


  1. Commuting-5
  2. Communication-4
  3. Cuisine-5
  4. Culture-5
  5. Climate-5
  • Commuting- based on ease of access, reliability, safety.
  • Communication- How easy is it to traverse the country as an English speaker?
  • Cuisine-the cost and availability of native cuisine
  • Culture- Every country has its own unique amazing culture but how willing are the natives to let you in on it or how easily accessible was it.
  • Climate- how was the weather during your stay?

*Rating based on my humble opinion and experience! Feel free to invite me along with you next time if you’d like to change it.

Call Value Vacations to book your trip to Hydra Greece! Follow me on Instagram @CaraMichaelaa

                                                                                                             Cara Michaela



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  1. Dear Cara thanks once again for sharing your insight in these blogs. I always look forward to reading them and the pictures make me want to go and create memories as well. Keep up the great work!

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